About us

The main activity of Baltic Wood Service, JSC is processing and sale of wooden packaging. Currently pallet blanks, i.e. pallet boards and beams as well as pallets themselves make the biggest part of the company sales. This production is exported to the western countries.

So far only a small part of sales consists of biofuel orders, however, having in mind that it is one of the most perspective fields of fuel production where state-of-the-art technologies are used, the demand for this product is expected to grow.

The team of Baltic Wood Service, JSC consists of people having long work experience in the field of timber and who distinguish themselves as enthusiastic, having confidence in what they do, orientated towards profitable activity that would be useful not only for the company itself but for its partners too. Our employees not only know the particularities of the product they offer and opportunities provided by the developed activity but also strive to use the latter at maximum while applying their knowledge and skills with respect to the demands of each separate existing or potential customer.

The principle of successful work of the company is based on responsibility against a customer and a supplier, on mutual confidence, timely fulfillment of obligations, quality assurance, open presentation of its position, i.e. strive to develop packaging timber sales while strengthening position of export to western countries.

The staff of Baltic Wood Service, JSC is certain it will earn your trust by performing daily activities of the company responsibly and constantly improving them, never avoiding difficult situations or challenges of economic environment of the common market, promptly solving unexpected problems that are only a drive for future works for any professional in his/her field.

We believe that the credo of our team - for Your comfort - is met day after day so that you believe we are doing our work not only for our but FOR YOUR COMFORT as well!

"Belief is one of the biggest comforts: there is no need to search." [V.Karalius]