Wood sawdust briquettes

It is an ecologically clean and high-calorific fuel used for various types of boilers, furnaces and fireplaces.

Wood sawdust is dried and pressed under high pressure without using any chemical additives and binding materials. Briquettes are produced from sawdust of conifer wood and hardwood.

Briquettes are packed into PE bags, 10 kg into each. 96 bags are packed in one pallet. Another way of packing is possible on customer's request.

Technical data of briquettes: 

  • humidity - up to 7%
  • Ash-content - up to 1. 25%
  • Amount of sulphur - up to 0.07%
  • Calorific value - up to 19880 kJ/kg
  • Production capacity - appr. 400 tons per month.